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Hi Everyone

My name is Andy i am the tech guy above everything else i am responsible for all the footage / audio and editing you see on our website .

i am a very out spoken person and call a spade a spade i tell it like it is ,sometimes i say things that offend some people and dont keep my mouth shut when i should ,im passionate about the paranormal and hate anything that ridicules this intresting hobbie .my kit reviews are brutal and honest and i dont always have good things to report on some of the paranormal kit ,but its my findings and my honest opinion im not going to say this is better than that just because everyone else does .you might agree or dissagree but im honest .

if someone asked me what is the best paranormal kit to get, my answer  would be to be a good paranormal investigator you need an open mind and the most important kit is your eyes and ears .to me my most important kit apart from eyes and ears has to be my camcorder .

and a team you can trust and have respect in .

thanks for reading my drivel

happy hunting


My name is Sara, I am 36 years old and I live in Burslem stoke on Trent.  I have always been interested in the paranormal and the supernatural, in particular people’s personal experiences, and this motivated me to join an investigation group along with my partner Andy. I have been a member since 2007 and this has been my main hobby ever since.

I am quite sceptical and always try to find an explanation for activity that we capture, although being a naturally inquisitive person I will keep investigating until I find out for definite – is there life after death?

My main role within the group is filming and using our equipment, as technology and gadgets are another passion of mine, so being able to combine the two is brilliant for me

My favourite investigation so far has to be at the Leopard pub in Burslem, it is quite a spooky location as it’s almost like stepping back in time when you walk upstairs

That’s all for now, keep checking our site for updates on our findings, and happy hunting!

Sara x

Hello  i first met Andy and his mum and sara  when we went to do a investergation at the leopard in burslem i worked with a few people before but we split up  well it went so well i told Andy something that only he knew he was gob smacked and that started a freindship that carrys on today  i ave been doing investagations with Stoke Haunted  since Andy started it up  i  have full formed sprits  in pictures  Andy also  has  a film  taken in Kidsgrove near the Harecastle canal tunnel thats shows a person in black walking near us  i now live in Manchester but if i can get to a investagation i feel at home with Andy, his Mum, and of course  Sara                                                                                                                          Patrick Carr

Andy Weatherall  

Sara Chawner

Claire Atherton

Paddy Carr  

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Hi everyone.

For those of you who already know the team reasonably well, this is just an update for my previous bio. For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Claire Atherton and I am currently the Executive Producer and Resident Writer for the lovely team, Stoke Haunted.

I am a mum of three, wife of sixteen plus years and the owner of one handsome pooch, Barney our tri-colour Collie. Over the last five years Stoke Haunted has gone from being a work opportunity to a loving family for me; clichéd I know, yet every word is true. In my life beyond the team I’m a struggling author who writes for the sheer hell and love of it, and not the science behind it. Basically, I am a writer who is terrible at punctuation and grammar…not useful in my chosen field of employment I know.

Five years later and I still sway back and forth regarding my stance relating to actual existence of spirit. I am of the belief that “ghosts” do not exist in the traditional sense; however, as I am sure you have witnessed in our videos, I will try to converse with spirit energies based on what I am being told by our mediums and sensitives. It feels like we are sometimes receiving encrypted messages that we somehow must find the key to so that it makes sense. On any given investigation I have to wipe the proverbial slate clean and allow myself to be guided with unbiased honesty. We never fake or edit our work to make it look like we have found something that we haven’t. That’s what is refreshing about this group, fame doesn’t matter so lying to or misleading those whom we share our work with would be pointless and unethical. If we are seeking the truth, why then would we fabricate it?

Our passion to find the ever illusive truth remains, our goals imbedded and engraved into our hearts lest we forget our path. We are not androids sharing the same brain; we are individuals sharing an ideal, a hunger to know about more than just what meets the eye.

I would never claim to be perfect or the best in anything that I do and the same sentiment is shared by the team; that said, it infuriates me when people in the same field try to pick fault with each other. Simply don’t do it! Sharing our findings and celebrating our various and unique ways of working is the way forward, for if we all did the same thing we would never make any progress.

Lastly, my goals remain the same - I will continue to use my reasoning, logic, knowledge and experience to uncover and report back any hidden truths within the paranormal.

Do you think that you have what it takes to fit into our little family? The first step to finding out is to send us a message either on this website or via our Facebook page. In the meantime, whatever it is that you do, be sure to stay safe.

Claire X


Jay Bourne


Hazel Weatherall

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Original Member from Day One  


SADLY PASSED AWAY  21st March 2019