All findings on this page are personal findings on the individual kit , we are not endorsing any equipment as being the perfect paranormal item .other groups may have their own differing opinions on each items worth .this is our findings and we hope you find it usefull




SONY SR10         X5

SONY SR7           X2







go pro hero 3+ silver








KIT BOX  (640x360) KIT BOX 22 (640x360)

to my knowledge there is no such thing as a ghost detector so all equiptment we use is used with an open mind ,yes there is possibly another explaination why they may give results but todate ,the equiptment is used to help our investigations to show changes in temperature and electro magnetic field changes on camera for you the viewer who can not feel these changes at the time of the investigation like we do .everytrhing we show on our website is for you the viewer to make up your own mind if its paranormal or not .we do not fake any evidence and present it here as unexplained after we have taken all logical explainations and exhausted them .we are left with unknown.

we will be testing each item and giving you our opinion as we test them in the field .



. We are lead to believe that spirits emit electric energy fields  that is what is detected by K2 meters and EMF meters and to top up this energy they can take charge from electrical items and batteries .or so they have us believe after some discussion with a few friends we came up with the idea ,if spirits have electrical energy just like we do why would they hold more energy than a live living being ?  this baffled  us all if we walk past these meters or wave our hands normaly it has no effect on the meter but we are supposed to believe that if a ghost /spirit does it it can trigger it .

this was just a discussion we had this evening with a few friends one of them a registered electrician who could not explaine why a spirit could or would hold more static than a living being .its just a thought i wanted to share with everyone .

can anyone explaine this too me id really like to know your answers and theories .

in the mean time we will continue using these items ,but with more of an open mind ,its your call contact us with your ideas






                                    Is possibly the best professional broadcast recorders on the market for its price and fantastic for Interviews and even EVPs







                                                       I am asked  time and time again Andy which video camera is the best for filming in the dark And I have to say

                                                       after using various different makes and models it all comes down to any of the SONY NIGHTSHOT RANGE .


                                         In all the years ive been into videography and that’s well over 20  I have never used a  camera better

                                         for the job than the Sony HDR-SR10 EVERYONE WHO WATCHES OUR DVDS  

is amazed that its filmed inTHE  DARK.

            Most people don't believe how light it looks then out comes the camera for a demo .

                                                            This camera aint cheap   at £460.00+  but you get what you pay for in this world .don't expect miracles from a £120 ebay special it just wont do a good job .

I am not sponsored in anyway by Sony to promote their cameras ( I wish I was lol ) These are my findings and recommendations of years of testing various so called fantastic film in the dark cameras .

You can get cameras for  £200 from this company but they are a entry level camera  don't expect miracles but a IR light will help


with the Sony Flagship Camera AXP33  this camera is awsome and you will notice the quality of our videos be much crisper and brighter we will post 2 versions on you tube a 4k file for thos can than play them  and a 50fps  1080 file for smoother HD Format                            




                                                                                                                       STILL CAMERAS    


                                 As for still cameras  the best thing I can say is digital is cheaper to own and run than 35mm

                                                                  You must buy the best optical lenses you can afford  and around  6+ megapixels  so you can blow up                the image to look at it properly .

                                                                  Anything less than 6meg is just not up to the job and produces most orb type photos you see on the internet .

                                                                 These are mostly down to inferior  optics  / dust not ghost manifestations .As with all photography expect                            the final results to match the price tag on the camera .And under no circumstances use a mobile phone.

these in my opinion are just toy cameras and just not up to the job at all .Yes you see mobiles advertising up to 6meg cameras , bold claim and heres a test .Cut a hole in some card about 5mm and look through it DARK AINT IT .

Now make the hole 1 inch Bright aint it .That’s a crude test showing a small pin hole type lens lets less light in than a larger lenses . Mega pixel count relies totally on brightness of image .




A major problem with reviewing audio recordings for paranormal material (whether voices or anything else) is that, unless you are using a video camera, it is often difficult to recall all the possible natural sources of sounds present. Even if you are reviewing a video recording, any odd sounds that appear might come from somewhere out of the shot.

At least with a video camera present, it might be possible to eliminate some natural causes of strange sounds. There is no point locking off a room with just an audio recorder in it as any sounds recorded will inevitably remain 'unexplained' but by no means necessarily 'paranormal'.

The Party Effect

we shouldn't be surprised that an audio recorder picked it up. A sound recorder is a neutral instrument that records everything within its capabilities without discrimination. . Many microphones are strongly directional so that they pick up sounds from one particular direction preferentially (more strongly than humans) while ignoring others. So a sound recorder may pick stuff we didn't hear and could also miss things we heard. In neither case does it mean the sound was necessarily paranormal, it is just that recorders work differently to human hearing.

we listen to a sound in a room, our brains use various different auditory cues to make sense of it. There is, for instance, the frequency of the sound, the time difference between its arrival at each ear and the sound's phase. In addition, there are the reverberations of the same sound whose characteristics depend on the size and shape of the room. Our brains use these cues to decide which sounds, in a mixture, are most 'important', so that they occupy our attention.

your recordings!

Once you have a sound recording containing apparently anomalous sounds, make copies of it and keep it safe. It could be valuable evidence. Very importantly, don't 'enhance', edit, improve or manipulate your recording in any way. Some people 'tidy up' or 'enhance' their recordings but this has several serious side effects:

If you wish cut out a section of your recording to show a suspected paranormal sound to others, leave a few seconds before and after the event as well. These are important to establish to context of the suspected paranormal bit.

EVP can sometimes sound like speech speeded up or slowed down. For this reason, some people occasionally edit recordings to slow them down or speed them up. This is something else to be avoided as it destroys evidence.

This is why, ideally, you should aim to avoid all such audio enhancement, otherwise you could be left with software artefacts rather than paranormal evidence. You should, at the very least, always keep an unedited copy of your original recording for comparison.





          What can i say about this item apart from every paranormal group possibly owns one

                                                     ,it was designed as a emf meter (electromagnetic field meter )and was soon adopted by the paranormal groups

after its extensive use on a paranormal American tv show .

                              the reasons why it appears to be better is the fact that it uses LEDs instead of a analogue needle

so you can easily read it in the dark .

                                       our own finding on this device are this .yes it shows up well on camera it has a instant visual response

                                  you can see very clearly see in all lighting conditions .it works very well but its worth doing the mod

or buying a mark 2 with the locking switch to avoid false readings

                                                    .i believe this item to be a genuine EMF Detector but as for detecting paranormal activity i am not convinced .

as far as our group is concerned its a very usefull piece of kit and well worth experimenting with .

i like the design,   its simplicity of use and colourfull LEDs ,but wether it has any paranormal detecting ability

the call is yours .i would recomend this item to any group as im sure it will bring good results as we have found in the past .





we have one of these devices purchased some weeks ago from ebay ,

our findings are not yet 100% wether its a good piece of paranormal investigation equipment

or just a fad .to be honest i feel it is just that a toy

a fad a way of making money from unsuspecting paranormal groups .

if you do decide to try one for yourself 1 piece of advise apart from dont shine it in your eyes is

NEVER POINT IT AT A IR CAMERA this will screw up the ccd .

we will continue using this item and report back our true feelings after we have tried it a few more times .

like all paranormal kit there is no proof any of them work but we will still kep trying .

and yes we may even waste more money on useless junk but its part of a hobbie a learning process

if you dont try you will never know .its your call guys .USEFULL OR JUNK YOU DECIDE





                                                                             ON FIRST USE I WAS IMPRESSED but after using this item for a year or more have found it to be more             of a hit and miss piece of kit

                                                                              when you know that its just a scanning broadcast radio and being a licenced radio amateur you begin to find its flaws .

it is wide open to radio break through from local broadcasters ,

taxis ,pmr users ,CBrs ham radio , baby alarms .

just about everything that transmits to be honest .

it suffers badly on co channel interference is not well filtered ,

and suffers from 2nd and 3rd homonic interference .

but putting that aside has given our group and others some interesting findings

and accurate hits from time to time .coincidence i hear you ask but im not sure of the odds of that

happening .best used with a frequency counter to check for stray RF as we do now .

a very intresting piece of kit but dont be fooled by what you can hear at times .

STILL TESTING WITH EXTERNAL FREQUENCY COUNTER                                                                                                              



                                                                                                                    GHOST BOX NOTE  


           to be honest with you all it makes me laugh the amount of times people say our views are wrong and we cant be using the equipment correctly ,we are not qualified to disrespect any equipment we have its just our views on them ,and gives you an idea how we find each piece of kit we use .its all there to experiment with and we try diffrent kinds of equipment not yet featured in this list .

one thing i do find very strange is the comments from groups saying we dont use the kit correctly or we would get better results and get more from it if we used it for its purpose ,well all i can say practise what you preach im not going to single out any groups but have seen 2 that have no idea how to use a ghostbox for example  .one person even sent me a video clip to watch regarding them using it which i found very strange ,all i can say is they pulled us apart for not using it correctly and they quite clearly showed the radio set in the AM mode with the antenna raised up full .mmmm the antenna is for FM mode only and on AM uses the internal ferite rod so think about that ,

when it comes to radio frequencys and electronics i pride myself in a very good knowledge in this field being a licenced radio ham since 2000  to city and guilds standard as required .i fully understand propogation and E- and F -layers  ,skip , and cross modulation and 2nd and 3 rd harmonics very well so yes i do take all our findings with this knowledge into consideration before i shout we have ghosts talking to us .

im still not convinced knowing how radio waves are formed, that they can  be manipulated by ghosts or spirits but its open to discussion on many forums .so until i know fully we will still carry on experimenting with all our kit and enjoy reporting our findings .oh it was brought to my attention that radio signals can only travel 50 to 100 miles on FM Mode , really ?? it all depends on were you are situated in a built up area maybe but open ground depending on weather skip conditions and few other considerations ( skip distances) radio stations in australia  can be heard on a regular basis i contact continental stations on a regular basis using the fm band and so do other radio hams .

think some people need to do a bit of homework beefore they disrespect our findings , lol   . as  ive said before these are  our findings and we are always open to critisizms  as long as they have some credibility behind them ...

laser KIT CAMS
Paul_Sarkis_2 k2 sony-dsc-hx60v 024cb48edb0db0377dfd4c17cc456427 kii_black laser Screen-Shot-2015-04-20-at-14.32.08

                                                                                                                                                 ACTION CAMERAS


As far as i know we were the first team to introduce the go- pro /clone action cameras  into the paranormal

i found out how easily they could be modified to Full Spectrum and posted a  Video in early 2012  how to easily modify them .

since then eveyone has or is using them as their main cameras  we use them as BRoll fil in cameras  as they can easily be placed in a venue and hidden well if required . they can even be worn or used in unusual places making them very versatile .

we have various makes the Original Go pro  SJ CAM 4000   APEMAN 1080  ACTIVEON CX  AND ALL

             THE NON BRANDED TYPES AVAILABE  And still collecting them  to find the best