Claire Atherton

is our resident writer /Event CoOrdinator

Producer /voice overs /

she is a jack of all trades and always tries her best at any given roll

When Andy and Sara first asked me to take up a writing residency with Stoke Haunted I never once envisioned me to still be going strong with them. It is truly like being held in the bosom of an unlikely and slightly eccentric family of night-crawlers.

Until early this year I had been scouting local venues for the team to investigate and it is a role which I hope to continue sharing with each one of my spooky colleagues in due course. The turbulence that once surrounded booking premises’ has depleted, the matching of diaries having become less treacherous thanks to being in a settled and well-rounded team that gives a damn about what they do and the ideals they want to uphold. Each one of Stoke Haunted’s members share the same deep desire to research all aspects of the paranormal. It is great being part of an ingenuitive team. It is hard not to be swept up in the whole romance of finding that one key piece of evidence that dips the scales in either direction of being proof positive or proof negative as to if life after death exists. To be the first team to record actual corroborative scientific facts either for or against being the benchmark that all teams; not just ours, strive to reach.

When I accepted the challenge of becoming Stoke Haunted’s unbiased reporter I honestly held reservations. Nigh on three years later and here I am and yes, I still hold my sceptic ideals with the openness to be swayed given the right substantiations.

Initially, following team around in the silent pitch black was unproblematic. My biggest concerns were trying to write clearly when I could not see the page or pen in front of me. Trying to juggle a pen, paper and a torch whilst using each is actually harder than it seems. Over time I altered my working strategy in an effort to document a rolling record of the team’s activities until I had it nailed, and then my hubby chose to buy me a Sony SR10E handi-cam as a surprise birthday gift. Little did he realise how much money this new inspired interest would cost him over the years. My magpie tendencies began to broaden to magically expand my camera brood – what can I say? I just can’t help myself.

Paranormal investigating is ever-changing and so are our investigative techniques too. With our viewers in mind the team work hard to show everybody every possible angle that there is to see. It is a relief not to be part of a side-show. Do not misunderstand me, I do not mean that in a derogatory way. What I mean is that we only have to worry about our own safety so that provides us with more time to pack the most into. With more testing time we have more time in what to receive more answers.

So, if you want to investigate for yourselves, do so with the utmost respect for your venue, your team and any energy that you may be exploring. Do not get complacent. You might be sitting quietly in a dilapidated shell of a paint-peeling building waiting for some supernatural response, but, consider this, who or what else is sharing your space that you cannot see!

I feel truly honoured to be a part of such a well-rounded and progressive group, and no, I am not just saying that. It is a privilege to realise and take stock of how many of you viewers we have, so I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who make our dream possible, for without you we are only doing this for ourselves.  To be able to share our work spurs us on to be the best that we can be while allowing us to get the best out of our work too.

Until we find the illusive truth to the age-old question is there life after death¸ the team will continue to investigate with transparency, truth and integrity.

Stay safe.

Claire x

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Hello everyone, I am Claire Atherton; the teams resident writer. I am a thirty-one year old mother of three, wife of twelve years and the keeper of two dogs – all in all they keep me extremely busy as does the Stoke Haunted team.

I battle daily with my altered beliefs. I don’t believe in ghosts although, I believe that there is something out there that we cannot yet identify or understand. My passion for seeking the truth is constantly sparked; growing with more questions that present themselves every day.

With differing personalities and beliefs at hand you would think that the Stoke Haunted team would be constantly battling wills, however, we celebrate; and thrive on having such a diverse group. As long as we are able to respect and work with our peers, perform to the best of our ability whilst remaining true to ourselves and each other, the Stoke Haunted name will go from strength to strength.

My goal remains unchanged – I will continue to help uncover the truth, be it though science, research, medium-ship or by personal experiences. No one ever said that our pursuit for the truth would be easy, but the brave; and inquisitive will always battle forward.

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Hi everyone.

For those of you who already know the team reasonably well, this is just an update for my previous bio. For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Claire Atherton and I am currently the Executive Producer and Resident Writer for the lovely team, Stoke Haunted.

I am a mum of three, wife of sixteen plus years and the owner of one handsome pooch, Barney our tri-colour Collie. Over the last five years Stoke Haunted has gone from being a work opportunity to a loving family for me; clichéd I know, yet every word is true. In my life beyond the team I’m a struggling author who writes for the sheer hell and love of it, and not the science behind it. Basically, I am a writer who is terrible at punctuation and grammar…not useful in my chosen field of employment I know.

Five years later and I still sway back and forth regarding my stance relating to actual existence of spirit. I am of the belief that “ghosts” do not exist in the traditional sense; however, as I am sure you have witnessed in our videos, I will try to converse with spirit energies based on what I am being told by our mediums and sensitives. It feels like we are sometimes receiving encrypted messages that we somehow must find the key to so that it makes sense. On any given investigation I have to wipe the proverbial slate clean and allow myself to be guided with unbiased honesty. We never fake or edit our work to make it look like we have found something that we haven’t. That’s what is refreshing about this group, fame doesn’t matter so lying to or misleading those whom we share our work with would be pointless and unethical. If we are seeking the truth, why then would we fabricate it?

Our passion to find the ever illusive truth remains, our goals imbedded and engraved into our hearts lest we forget our path. We are not androids sharing the same brain; we are individuals sharing an ideal, a hunger to know about more than just what meets the eye.

I would never claim to be perfect or the best in anything that I do and the same sentiment is shared by the team; that said, it infuriates me when people in the same field try to pick fault with each other. Simply don’t do it! Sharing our findings and celebrating our various and unique ways of working is the way forward, for if we all did the same thing we would never make any progress.

Lastly, my goals remain the same - I will continue to use my reasoning, logic, knowledge and experience to uncover and report back any hidden truths within the paranormal.

Do you think that you have what it takes to fit into our little family? The first step to finding out is to send us a message either on this website or via our Facebook page. In the meantime, whatever it is that you do, be sure to stay safe.

Claire X